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Lastly however our numbers began to dwindle, no one was surprised that the Seeker stopped coming one day. He looked behind his shoulder, aiming his gaze at the pair of white eyes looking his way with a cautious, passionate interest. Legendary Birds Tf part 4 Cherise couldn't just sit and watch the people destroy the strip mall she went to since she was just a little girl. Now when I go back and think of the people that stood up from the table and my conversation with them on a later date I remember you and your sincerity". Purple orbs impulsively docked at their favorite green port, expecting to meet a crowd of drunk sailors, shoving their way through everything and everyone, offended at the whole world. Spyro - Cynder.

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Chapter 1 Book IV

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Cynder (The Legend of Spyro)

However, dragon spirits resembling Ignitus emerged from the purple crystal upon these words, and proceeded to drag Malefor into the planet's heart and sealed him away, much to his dismay and the awe of Spyro and Cynder. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. I'm right here! Chapter 10 Book VI You're special and beautiful, anyone who thinks otherwise is stupid" The priestess bowed deeply in respect. You're a scrawny kid!

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cynder vs spyro in a squeezing way
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cynder vs spyro in a squeezing way
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cynder vs spyro in a squeezing way
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